U made my day!

Theres something about Miranda dicksons bookks (only if she has written three) that even on the crappiest day of my life wen i am feeling trashed and despise even the donuts lying on my kitchen counter , I suddenly get filled with a ┬ánew sense of lifeand people who have had enjoyed the real pure bliss of nutella hot chochlate can so tatally relate with me . She connects like no one else. I mean I just finished reading it started with a kissand i am already looking forward to re-read the book. Romily Parker is someone i can totally relate to guys, and her friend Wren reminds me of my own bestie,just a little toned down on the suagr high part.the book makes me want to actually take a stroll about the streets of London in its Christmassy best ,and Aunt Mags cak therapy is a total hit with me . i guss I will also publish my own little Donut therapy soon based on my tasting advents. I wish my life too had a little fairytale begining like her. All those or if anyones reading it do take some time aside to follow my advice and try her books out. Its not mere romantic chick-flick stuff, rather quite substantial and valuably beautiful. I guess i am just blabbering too muc. Tea does it to me and i had it today so…..Lifes sweet, sit back and relax nd theres nothing like a gud book to help u with that.


Right here, rite now:)

I had been reading blogs for over a year, food one, ED ones, fashion ones and sometiems anyones. Ya u can say i am permanently demented. Actually i dont even have a heck o an idea about wat i am going to poat or if anyone will be reading my rant(there are gud parts for the patient ones) . But rite now all i cna say is that i wanted it to happen and its happening. T least i wont regret that i didnt try .So here’s a toast to dreams and believing that they can happen and dats how i end my first post. Sugar and spice make things nice!