Howdy people! It’s been a very, very, very hot day and it’s been the same sweaty weather since a long time.Such is life! And cause we all need a little cool off, a little addiction, and these summer days I find myself desperate in need of icy cold caffeine fix. Yes my addiction is iced coffee/ cold coffee:)It perks me up instantly to look towards the brighter side of the season and I feel at least it’s a time when I can have tons of it. Though I had been off the whole caffeine thing since  some  health troubles bugged me but I am back and that too with a bang( I am such a coffee snob:P) There was a time in my life when it became a feared drink of my life cause it had milk and sugar. Yes, sugar is the main trouble. The store bought version can double up to a whole 36 grams of sugar and a whole lot of high fructose corn syrup flavouring, yikes! Ok pardon me if I am acting like a super health freak  but this the truth, the ugly truth of american obesity in fact worldwide obesity. There are days when nothing but a Starkbucks will do the trick but that’s a well earned treat after the wise experiences I’ve had in my life. So does that stop me from slurping? No, never, not in a lifetime and so instead of resigning I have recreated my own sweet version . OK, so there i go- I take 150 ml of chilled cold milk. Take two tbsps of instant nice coffee and brew it in a mug with 3tbsp of water. Now add the milk and crushed ice cubes( 3 is just fine for one person) . Now for the sugar part, it’s a personal choice cause I add a packet of splenda( You can also go for truvia or rather 2 tbsp of brown sugar or just suck up and add the whit one. It’s important you enjoy the drink, works fine with me:)) Now plug in the blender and blender for 30 seconds on high power intervening in between so that the sugar dissolves well. Finally dish out a mason jar( these are really cute and sassy) and pour your iced traet in it. Fit in a straw and enjoy! Oh and if you want to know where you can find the mason jar, a nice substitute would be the bottles in which they serve the premix mocha and other at Starbucks or in stores where these bottles are found, but a nice good looking glass will do fine). I love it so much that I sometimes have it as early as 6 in the  morning on a sizzling hot day(trust me to indulge in guilty pleasures). So cause we all have a guilty pleasure we like to indulge in on the worst of weather wrath days, tell me what’s your’s ? Or better still give me ideas to upgrade upon my experience. Till then, keep reading, keep slurping!!ImageImage

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