Sometimes even to live is an act of courage

It’s easy to forget how life works out perfectly when you are down, you beleive things bever favour your. But if you look back you see that in many cases things happened exactly the way they needed to. atahe more you pay attention to those things and take a note of them the more you build faith in them.

Having faith is a choice one makes. You decide the beleif in life the voice that lives in your heart. Beleiving in something indicates your trust in life.It’s important to take time out to get to know all of yourself. Look at your physical, spritual attributes. Figure out what’s important and what makes you happy . Examine with great attention what you really love and what you dislike . Leave no stone unturned as you get to know yourself and learn what makes you the wonderfully, uniquely special person you are.

And as someone once famously said-“If I had just one wish, I would visit younger days and tell the younger me, it all works out okay!”

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