Donut Therapy by Sugar Coated angel……

Ever since I started my adventures in world of confectionery and sweets donuts have always held a very special place in my heart. There have been times when I have reached a donut crossroad . I n fact I feel that donuts could be seen as a potential cure to eradicate all the sadness in the world . Lol.I heart donuts!

I have always related them to emotions , in fact I have allotted a special slot to each one( the list is primarily from Dunkin’s , cause it’s like a second home to me:)) but feel free to make your your own. And cause I not quite capable of serious posts, here it goes-

Feeling under the weather-Oreo donut

First love-Boston kreme donut

Honesty-Jelly filled donut

Energy-Chochlate frosted donut,Caramel choc donut

Calm anxiety-Blueberry cake donut

Spontaneity-Bavarian kreme donut

Celebrations- Choc dipped donut

Anticipation- Cocao confetti donut

Follow your heart-Marble frosted donut

Uncertainity-Pina colada donut

Hangover cure-Old fashioned cake donut

Hope-Jelly stick

New beginings-Strawberry shortcake donut

Tiredness- coffee roll

Mending a broken heart- Eclairs

P.s- This post is for Aunt Mags without whose encouragement I would never have been able to come up with something like this, my best friend who helped me indulge in these sinful beauties by her fabulous baking skills and this site which helped me connect with so many people and share my musings with the world. Life is sweet, relax!


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