When you are gone…..-R.I.P, E.D

Yesterday I had a session with my E.D therapist.Actually I was supposed to see her a week ago but I just kept delaying , and she called again yesterday. She’s been with me since the past year, better than the previous one . She doesn’t bother me on shout on me if I haven’t been able to maintain my weight and she’s younger so more friendly. But this meeting now reduced to the frequency of once a month still makes me anxious , though she says I have improved immesenly since the time we first met and I agree she has helped me in the emotional healing. This time though she was happy to see me , she felt I looked stress. I told her IT’s studies and assignments I am juggling to work out and small tiffs with my friends and the E.D thoughts that tend to come back especially around summer. I thought she would give me self help bookand tell me to read and analyze  what’s wrong but instead she started to tell me about her own issues and I felt much better this time to know that I am not the only screwed up person at the moment:)(sorry for her though) Then she took a deep breath and suggested an intresting activity which she felt might help. She told me snap up all those things (not more than 5 or 6) which have immensely helped me in the recovery . Immediately after seeing the expression on my face she was like” No don’t consider it work or another tasks piled up like the many others , do it at your own pace over the day and consider a chance to know yourself better) and after that we had some tea and the Kara’s cupcakes she always get’s along on her visits. I thought I might just share it on this which has blog, so here it goes-

1. My huggables corner( I can’t really sleep without the spongebob)

2.I always keep one desk of my room messed up or kinda untidy(I am an organized freak, so it’s really difficult). It reminds me perfectionism is not everyting, and helps to deal with body image issues.

3. Now htis one is easy, a picture says a thousand words.

4.My cute ppet turtle Terri who’s been there no matter what and around my neck always, my gran gave it, so it’s really close ‘c ause my mom never wanted to have a dog in the house as a pet of my choice( who said  we can’t have non-living pets)

5. Long walks by the beach are super therapeutic as well( the best smiling pic I could find)Especially at dusk, ’cause the suns the prettiest then according to me.

6. And most importantly Accepting the fact that we can’t always be in control and we all are beautiful and we all need to take care of ourselves for ourself and all those who love and care for us .

Finally , though there are a hundred other things I will stick to the limit she gave me and thanks for bearing with me this long . Life is beautiful, so smile !

3 thoughts on “When you are gone…..-R.I.P, E.D

  1. Something someone shared with me once was “You are beautiful because you are ALIVE” Life is was beauty is and life is not perfect. I remind myself how boring life would be without a few bumps and bruises along the way. So why am I no different? I would be pretty boring if I was a perfect doll…

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