Find the time

I have made this big mistake. I have let myself get so consumed in my work, in making everything seem perfect that I barely have any time left for simple pleasures . My friend and I recently patched up and we decided that it’s high time we stop being so pathetic and instead do something that we enjoy , so I raided my grocery cupboard and here’s something amazing(came to know only after testing) I found, unused. Now the package says that it’s been manufactured I n Jan and I guess I also got it at the same time in Feb sometime. What a shame it hasn’t been put to good use.

And thus we began the journey to not only making some deliciously heavenly cookies but also inner peace, calm and happiness.

Enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee in the starbucks mug!

So the motto of the post is – It’s high time we find time for ourself and to be with those who we love and also for what we love to do. Cause there will be a time when we won’t have time for it!And now the tagline-Life is sweet , Relax!