Daring to differ

Now I know I have really sucked up on the blogging front , not updating once in a while ok but this lonng is real bad, tells me hoe much time I really get for myself and more importantly how good I am able to organise myselg. But to be honest college leaves me exhausted and besides that I have been travelling a lot(photos soon promise) . But I guess that’s how it is, though i will now try to post atleast once a week. ok, now lets come to the pUrpose of this post – I CUT MY HAIR. PERIOD . And it’s not really a small trim but rather a short bob kinda look(the best I could manage with kind of crop I posess) And though my friends weren’t initially enthusiastic about it , it does seem to be finding acceptance with them now. And, really I think it suits me. For long I have really bothered about what others feel about me, but now it’s time I can make my own desicions and feel confident about them. I know of some women who wouldn’t in any cost let a lock of hair be trimmed off but I think short hair is equally sassy and cool and though they are no high ponytails involved or curls?( which I personally favoured and like d a few days back) Its a lot easier to maintain with the hectic schedule I posess and beleive me I really like Rihanna and Paris hilton in their long hair do but they looked equally elegant in the short hair look as well. And with the casual look I seem to donn on a daily basis it makes me look fresh , less miserable and younger:)And i feel it’s time we come out of our comfort zones and so called cocoons and start experimenting a bit, cause you never know what clicks with you. Now that doesn’t mean doing drastic measures like The Miley cyrus bleach blond pixie cut look but something different ’cause it adds an zest to the day. And as sit polishing of the last of my coconut macaroon ¬†with obligatory cup of coffee , I ask you would you dare to try someting different , a change


There’s a voice inside my head

  • Perfect little girl
  • No emotions can she show
  • Like a puppet pulled by strings
  • No room to grow
  • Not a flaw you can see
  • But the inner scars are there
  • Behind her controlled mask
  • Her pain she cannot share
  • Just a little girl
  • Hidden behind a wall
  • She wants to cry
  • But no tears can fall
  • She must be perfect
  • She must be thin
  • Fat is failure
  • And she must win
  • Perfection will lead to death
  • Lost in her anorexic mind
  • Cannot escape
  • She is falling behind