The height of epicosity

This weeks been the worst. I had two internal assesments and paper submisssions. I have practicals from from Monday and exams the following week and my major research fellowship got cancelled. Instead of feeling bad Ii am amused at the unfolding of events that led to it. I am in the comfort food zone, comfort wear zone , comfort everything zone trying to feel positive about it. I have been craving weird combinations of things, heres the list of 5 most epic combinations I used this week.

1. coconut and lime body lotion.

It’s hard to absorb in the skin, like the kind you have to really rub to get in but it smells nice and practically rub it anytime.

2.raspberry and pomegranate lib balm-Never jugde a book by it’s cover

This had cute outer covering and a high spf and I really buy stuff that seems visually appealing so my impulsive self got it. When I opened it , the appearance was nice as well but th eit’s too strong. I couldn’t let it stay on my lips for more than two minutes.

3.Coconut coated flavoured peanuts

I love all things crunchy and I luv peanuts usually with chochlate but this rocks just as it is. High in calories for 30 gram serving but I am still addicted to it.

4.Lavender and banana chochlate truffles

Now lavender got more potential to it than just a bath bottle.

5.Honeycomb and green tea lip butter from body shop.

Need I say more!

I guess I am just permanently weird.Have you tried any weird combinations lately or have a particularly epic favourite?Image

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