Summer break finally and the college is off ! No idea to what I will be doin these months. Catchi’n up with old folks, street shopping, girly stuff, slurping on cold coffee and yes loads of reading.

currently reading @The accidental time traveller@, seems like my kind of book. Actually I wanted to pick up something dark and goth, some murder mystery or something but it was really boring, guess good old Nancy Drew wrote awesome detective stuff, or Sherlock or Agatha cristhie as well. I even had an edgar allan poe phase(if anyone’s read his stuff).

 It’s too hot outside to roam , I guess I will do swimming for a while, need to seriously work on my fitness. When I had an e.d there used to be just so much control and now I am  craving bread all the time.

Guess I am just gonna give it a rest for a while, slack down a bit . maybe I should watch something comic, and eat a few chochlates(just got galaxy yesterday, believe me it’s crack,lol!).

Cheers, to a great day!

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