For the sins I commit 

Forget me thou

For the lies I told 

forget me thou

 For the secrets I held

 Untold ,buried deep within me

I hold remorse

Forget me thou.

 For if I dont speak now

I deny the vital expression

Pull myself in vain and remorse.

 I deserve this punishment

 I deserve this pain

 Forgive me thou.

Never asked for help

 So never got any.

 I deserve not to complain.

 Forgive me thou lord. Forgive me.

I deserved but I lost.

 I beleived yet I questioned.

 I created yet I destroyed.

 I wanted but never persisted.

 This inner battle needs to cease.

 So I ask forgiveness my lord for the very last time.

So, Forgiveness is all I plead .

These secrets , this pain, the beleifs I held, The doubts I created

shall vacate 

that inner space

Not leaving a trace.

I promise to uncomplicate.




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