Welcome 2014-New year =New me:)

Hello fellow bloggers,

As this year draws to an end , theres a lot to acknowledge and a lot to reflect. And while I sincerely hhope that the new one brings a new leash of life along with it I can’t help but jot down -THE LIST.These aren’t really resolutions but actually things I am going to try to work upon, issues that have plagued me for long enough. I won’t keep it long., so here it goes-

1..I will try to reflect upon on my work and try to make it better. Improvise and innovate. Inspire and get inspired. Never feel content. Think out of the box.

2.I will believe in myself. An old one but something that never looses its important as those who beleive in themself can hope to believe in postivity and faith  and that’s just what new beginnings need

3. I will try to stand up for myself emotionally and not let people be callous about my emotions. I will duly assert myself wherever required and learn to accept that sometimes it’s others to blame and not always me which I often do. But if I am wrong I will never hold back from taking the blame.

 4.I will trust my instincts more.

5. I will try to not binge and respect that recovery is healing and a binge can never be therapeutic , it always scars me emotionally and physically. 

6. I will try not to promise something which I will find try to fulfill just to make others happy, ’cause seeing the smile on others face can sometimes not amount to the hardwork done for it and sometimes one should just speak their mind out.

7. I will try to prevent overspending and save money  for something I actually require and which will last a little more longer than shoes, clothes and the rest.And it also feels good when you realize you can actually practice some self control:):)

8. I will try to write more and more often and also work on my poetic side as I have started t to find they have great power of communication

9. I will try to have more positive relationship with my sugar addiction and try to limit the obscene amount of sugar I consume.

10. I will try to practice to take up things slowly which also includes sitting down and eating a meal and not shoving a donut into my mouth or eating half a cupcake if I am  too full. Also I will try to include more running in lifestyle as I enjoy it and keeps me from pondering over sad stuff.Great stress buster.

11. And finally as I end this list, I will try to sincerely stick to the above and anyways this blog will remind me whenever I see it. 

Hope to have a great year ahead and wish all bloggers the same . This year’s been amazing as well with it’s own share of stories and tribulations and joy.

       So ,HAPPY 2014. BYE 2013.



Dr. GREY WHO WROTE “GREY’S ANATOMY “WOULD BE CHUCKLING OFF IN HEAVEN(THOUGH i AM NOT REALLY SURE WHERE THEY SCREEN THEM THERE:)-]Every seson comes with its share of death and despair, you can get evry possible kind of couple pairing exists yet it i fail to understand that why despite the pledge I take that every upcoming season seems to be an unbearable torture I go ahead and watch it(dont we all manager to do that?)It first started with my love for Derek sheperd( he was gorgeous) and the famous end of the episode narration quotes, but what now?

While I duly await the finale episode of season 10, here I mention the reasons(moments actually) I managed to figure out make me carry on and forced me to reconsider.


1. There are new interns.

FYI: Don’t worry, they aren’t that important anyway. We barely remember their names.


There are new interns.

2. Yang was impaled by a falling icicle.

A pretty common and normal occurrence for ms.yang


3. There was an “alternative universe” episode where Alex had thick glasses and Yang had bangs.


4. Teddy marries a patient who needs health insurance, but then she really falls for him.

Henry was a great guy. “Was” because he later died and it was, like most things onGrey’s, extremely depressing.


Teddy marries a patient who needs health insurance, but then she really falls for him.


5. A lion gets loose in Seattle.

This town needs to get itself under control.


A lion gets loose in Seattle.

6. Adele dies the night of Bailey’s wedding.

Even though Bailey had delayed her own wedding to operate on her which makes me wonder-DOES ANYONE EVER WIN ON THIS SHOW!?

50 Things That Have Happened On "Grey's Anatomy" Since You Stopped Watching


7.There is a horrific plane crash.

Mark Sloan, Lexie, Meredith, Derek, Arizona, and Cristina were all on board the plane.


There is a horrific plane crash.


8.. Meredith makes this crying face:

 It was scary , especially ’cause Mark acted weird, and he really was in pain and not to mention he had a serious cardiac condition with a weird name.


Meredith makes this crying face:

And ya , Lexie dies. Right there. In front of her sister and Mark Sloan.

(it was painful to watch cause I actually liked her. But if it wasn’t moving ahead with her and mark it was for the best.)



9. The chief is electrocuted in the basement of the hospital.

Does he make it!? bang he does.(again am not surprised)


The chief is electrocuted in the basement of the hospital. Does he make it!? We. Don't. Know.


9. How you probably feel right now: WTF


How you probably feel right now: WTF

10. Maybe it just  helped to kill the boredom.
There was one scene which I still can’t forget. Loved it to bits and felt for Christina really.


Hunt cheats on Cristina.

50 Things That Have Happened On "Grey's Anatomy" Since You Stopped Watching
11. Surprisingly no matter how busy I got whenever Iopen that idiot box, it’s right there.My bad, I guess.

To those of you that never stopped watching: We salute you.

50 Things That Have Happened On "Grey's Anatomy" Since You Stopped Watching
 I hope Grey’s anatomy fanatics can relate.