The art of Giving

A gesture above any

inherent to many

its beauty is vague

Many a kind hearts does it plague.

With its divinity being questioned

 Do not refrain

For it needs experience to grasp

what diffrence it makes 

to give rather than take.


I love ME :)


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Love yourself..because when you love yourself, things automatically start to fall in is a lifelong the end of the day all you need to worry about is “Are you happy?” and make sure your heart says a big yesssss!! 🙂 🙂

You do not need to wait for someone else to come and love you..without all those flaws that you have, you wouldn’t be truly “you” are unique in your own are beautiful not like someone else..but the way you are..Stay precious 🙂 😀

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How to Not Go Crazy This Christmas

highly irritable

Christmas StressEvery year we all say that “next year” will be the one when we won’t stress as much during the holidays, and that we won’t “do so much.” There’s sometimes even crazy talk after a glass of mulled wine about doing a “handmade-only gift exchange next year” but anyone who’s tried to handcraft a gift for a teenage girl who doesn’t happen to be building an Amish hope-chest understands that this is what I refer to as “crazy talk.”  No, sir! you protest. Next year will be different!  Well, that’s bullshit and you know it and I know it, but for the sake of not wanting to alienate a reader, I’ll let the assertion stand.

But you know you’re lying; by this time next year your holiday gift list will have grown exponentially and you’ll probably be hosting that neighbourhood mixer you swore you’d never participate in. And what’s…

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